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K [userpic]


May 17th, 2009 (12:05 am)

So, after a fair amount of thought, I'm going to try posting over on Dreamwidth for a little while. I've had this account since Hanna and I were living in California, and it was created out of a particular place, in a particular mindset, to deal with particular things. After a lot of time, I feel like I've grown past those things, and it's time to raze this last remnant of that time. I may cross-post a few things here, especially since Dreamwidth makes it easy to do so, but if you're over there as well, let me know your name so we can hook up.

It's Violets_and_Lilacs there; as I said, it's time for a change. I'm no longer Ariel, and I'm no longer singing the blues. Time to move on.

I do currently have one more code, if anyone wants it (or still reads this at all). Douglas, I already sent you one.


Posted by: arashinomoui (arashinomoui)
Posted at: May 18th, 2009 03:37 pm (UTC)
As the man said:

Ha ha ha, mine is an evil laugh!

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